The New Cinderella Movie

I recently read an article from The Telegraph about the new Cinderella Movie written by Victoria Lambert. (Click here for link to the article.) She states in the headline that she will not allow her daughter to see the new Disney movie, upon reading the article it is revealed the reason is the main actress Lily James is too skinny. In reading the first two paragraphs I was taken back by this ridiculous reason. The first thoughts that came to my mind were, first women are too thin and people complain, then women are too fat and people complain, and then they are too ugly or too pretty or too of just too much of something and people complain! It brings out a fire inside me that makes me feel like no one any were is ever good enough for anything because someone some place is going to complain about it!

I take a deep breath, count to 10 and ask my daughter to come and read this article with me and let me know about her view on it as I am already angered by it. I finished reading it and there is not a single point in the article that gives just reasoning as to why this beautiful actress is too skinny and how it may damage our young children’s minds and views.  If Victoria Lambert does not want to let her daughter go to a  Disney remake movie by all means that is her parenting prerogative. I know as a parent I do not put so much attention on how thin, fat, ugly, pretty anyone is, I look at the content of the movie and I use whatever lessons I can as a parent to let my daughter know that being too thin, too fat, too ugly, too pretty is in the eyes of the beholder. Seriously, there is someone for everyone and when we over analyze each other and everything we miss the big picture all together. That picture here is a young girl loses her father and mother and is abused by her step mother and step sisters, and still there is hope that in the end life will get better, and for Cinderella she finds that prince that sweeps her out of the ashes and into the star light. That is a fantasy I think anyone would want, I encourage fantasies, I encourage imagination and I discourage at any point the analysis of the physical body of whether they are good enough or not by how they look.

My daughter finished reading the article and stated without any influence from myself, “the writer completely over analysis the physical and does not take into account the movie story itself.” I feel that our children are intelligent and can make a decision on there own, and only need guidance not sheltering. I allow my daughter to see the world around her and when there is something that is questionable we talk about it and what lessons can be learned from it. I am not in favour of sheltering our children from things, I am not going to be there all the time and she will face these things once I am gone. If she is not prepared how to deal with such issues then she would succumb to the negative effect of these issues. I for one can’t wait to see the new Cinderella Movie with my daughter.


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