Planting Seeds in the Garden of Life


 Nothing is impossible; there are ways that lead to everything, and if we had sufficient will we should always have sufficient means. It is often merely for an excuse that we say things are impossible.

~ Francois de La Tochefoucauld


Planting Seeds in the Garden of Life

I love this quote, it gives me courage, helps me to strive to be more than I think I am. When I fail it helps me to not use excuses to stay down or to make myself a victim.  Once people believed the world was flat and because one person decided that it was not and imagined a new world it became true. Once the moon was just this magical object that had massive power now we can actually touch it, even see far beyond the moon all because one person imagined something more. I often imagine that my life is something more meaningful and one day, it will be true because I imagined it. I imaging helping people who cannot help themselves to climb up and hold their heads high, and I hope that this is true or will be. I love this quote because it fills me with hope of a better future and a better life. I believe if you imagine something it can become true, perhaps not always how you expected but still possible. I believe the power of the mind is intense, if you think about it long enough you want it, if you want it long enough you will make it happen. With this intense power of our minds I believe we also need to use caution how we use it.

If you could be anything what would it be? I am sure we have all asked this question of ourselves but how many of us actually take the steps to make that happen? I love to plant a seed, by this I mean plant a seed of thought, inspiration, or even just an idea and watch it grow. Sometimes when I speak with people I see and opportunity to help open the mind to another possible explanation or possibility and I leave a little seed. Sometimes I’m looked at with rather a strangeness or even outright told that they feel my idea is not for them, and I am OK with that 100%. We are not all made to agree but the funny thing is, once that idea or seed has been planted it is interesting how it grows into something more over time.  I will meet that same person who states it is not for them say a year or more later and they have embraced the idea, the concept or suggestion and if fills their life with joy or a greater understanding of another person. To me this is fun, ya not fun like how I love snowboarding but fun to watch a mind grow, or a life improve. This is so fascinating to me by just planting a seed and someone somewhere waters that seed, then another person someplace shines light on that seed and it blooms. With planting seeds we must be careful that we only plant seeds of joy, peace, compassion, love and understanding, because even a seed of hate can grow. I chose to pluck out those bad weeds and only keep my garden of life full of wondrous blooms and attract the most beautiful birds, bees and butterflies.

We are always rushing from one place to another these days, life has taken over us and sometimes it literally seems to control us, we have no choice in what to do but just follow the robots to work and home and again the next day. Eat tasteless food, or have a meal in a cup and round and round we go. I for one lived this merry-go-round and realized that I was on it, not even knowing how I got on, but wanted off and fast I was nauseated with the ride. When you jump off it is a whole new world, filled with wonder, colour, and beautiful sounds and smells. It is a bit alarming as it is new but take a walk, look around, walk slow or fast because it is up to you. Stop beside that bush of roses and bend over and smell it, really smell it, examine the colour the texture and enjoy it. In exploring this new life style I find it invigorating, scary but more invigorating. Now I am ready to explore a little more and soon I will be ready for even more of this freedom, I would love to invite you in as really the sun shines more here.  So if you are thinking what is she talking about? I am simply trying to show you that breaking away from the merry-go-round is not that bad, doing what we are “supposed to do” is not always what makes us happy. I am “supposed to” make x amount of money and have x amount of children and have x amount of vehicles and so on. If you have no idea of what you would want to be that could bring happiness to your life or more meaningfulness to your life then perhaps look at this list.

Help Mother Nature by cleaning up the garbage and recycle/reduce/reuse

Service – help another person today

Take a day off of work and spend it with your family at the pool, or park, or camping

Instead of driving to work take a bike or walk

Stop and help someone with a flat tire

Give your gloves to a homeless person or someone at the bus stop who is freezing cold

Donate your time to a soup kitchen or food bank

These are only a small amount of ideas here but you can see that they are all helping others or the world. By helping others we help ourselves, so if you want a happier life then help another person have a better day, I feel you will have many happy days by one service.  This is free, won’t cost you a dime to help someone, you do not need to give money just some of your time. So if you could be anything what would it be? Is it something that will make you happy or make you money? Either way I would like to see more people re connecting with each other, not connecting online actually face to face connecting. Say hello at a bus stop. Tell someone that you like their hair cut or that is a nice dress where did you get that? This in not always successful as with the more that people are not connected the more overly sensitive they are and quick to anger, but keep trying new ways to make another person smile. Of course be respectful and not creepy when you tell them nice dress, creepy is wrong.  Share some great news with a random stranger, such as sitting at the bus stop and tell them you just got a new job! Or I’m a new Grandma! Connect with the world around you, get off that merry-go-round and enjoy life a little more every day, step by step. So like in the quote nothing is impossible and if we had sufficient will what will you do today to help another person to help you be happier?

Growing up it was always the joke of that old person on the street bench that talked to everyone that passed and seemed to talk to themselves, you know the one. As an adult and in the world that we live now I see that that old person was just trying to connect, perhaps lonely, maybe a little senile but really how horrible would it have been for me to have taken 10 minutes of my life to talk with him? It would not have been a bad thing at all, it would have probably bettered my life if I had, perhaps gave me a little more understanding of another. For that I am ashamed and I do not want any more of that shame of walking passed a lonely person who just wants to re connect with someone. Of course with this world we still need to be careful of those that are dangerously mentally unstable, but for those that are just lonely, say hello, how is your day? Or perhaps you know an older person that could use the sidewalk/driveway shoveled for FREE so do it. It gives you exercise and you feel like you are useful and they feel loved and respected. What will you do today to help another person to help you be happier?

We start with the small steps, nothing big, we never ran before learning to crawl or walk first so take a walk, look around, smell the flowers, watch Mother Nature, do a service. Step by step we can make this a better street, community, town, city and in planting a seed in the garden of a happy life everyone around us will be happy because of you, and in turn you will be happy.


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