Mothers Day

The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.

– St. Therese of Lisieux


Thinking of what to write about for  Mother’s Day is hard for me, I have written and re-written this entry but have had a hard time deciding exactly what I want to say about the wonderful day of Mother’s Day. You see to be honest my mom and I are like fire and ice, we can’t seem to be in the same room longer than a few minutes, but we love each other. I have so many stories that I am thinking about that I would love to share as they are funny, but being a mom myself it started me thinking about what a mom really is, and that is why it is hard to write this post. I think about my mom when I was growing up and what influences she has had on me. What really qualifies you as a certified parent or even the right to say “I’m a parent”? Just giving birth or fertilizing the egg is not making you a parent! I feel the actions taken and the raising of a child is what makes you a parent. My mom and dad opened their home and their hearts to me, an unplanned child that had no place to go but foster care and they adopted me; to give me a chance to have a better life. That is a certified parent!

Thinking back I realize that mother was always there, we may not have talked or even saw each other but I knew she was always there. Mom was a stay home mom and I am grateful for that. I would come home from school and the house would smell of fresh baked bread or cookies or dinner on its way, she was always there. Even if I ran in the front door dropped my school bags said “hi mom” and ran out the back door, “bye mom” and hopefully stole a cookie on the way out. If I fell down and scraped my knee she was there to put on the Band-Aid and tell me I’m alright. She’d show me how to make cookies and let me lick the spoon. Tuck me into bed, get the gum out of my hair, and put an onion on my bee/wasp stings; she was there. Take me to music lessons or tap dance or whatever else I was in she was there. Every time I would be bullied at school even though she did not know what to say, she was there to wipe away my tears.  Every time I missed the bus, she was there to take me to school or bring my lunch I forgot, she was always there.  As I am older and a mom myself I still know she is there, just a phone call away or a short drive if ever I needed her.  A mom’s job is endless, and the sacrifices made as a parent I understand now why as a mom we do all these things, because we love our children so much that it not a sacrifice at all, we are happy to be there for them, we want to be there for them. Taxi driver, cook, seamstress, baker, nurse, nutritionist, spiritual guide, moral guide, story teller, counsellor, educator, caretaker, janitor, maid, are only a small amount of the things a mom does on any given day, let alone her job as a wife on top of that.

We then have only one day a year to show mom that we appreciate all these things and more about her. What would mom like to do on this day? If anything in the world could be given to mom on this day what would a mom want? Awe now that is easy, to be with her family, to see their smiling faces, to hear there laughter and feel their warm hugs. Being a mom is not easy but it’s not that hard either, I mean really! Being around people you love how hard is that? I know my mom will not be here forever, but she will always be there. I mean her lessons, her love, her memory will always be there whenever I need it, I can just stop and remember and she will always be there. The gift of a parent does not end when they die, it continues on through all the people they met and the children they raised, they are always there. Her smile, her warm hugs, her lessons, has always been there and will always be there. Thank you mother for always being there.

I love you mom, thank you for everything, thank you for who you are, and who you helped me to be. Happy Mother’s Day.



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