The Laundry Mat Love

 By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.



The sun shines through the window onto her smooth soft brown hair, her skin glistens and her eye sparkle, she’s beautiful and natural she’s perfect. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and she doesn’t smell like a perfume factory, she is simple, subtle, and amazing!  She smiles at him softly and his heart skips a beat, she doesn’t know how beautiful she is and that makes him want to know her more.  Running a laundry mat is not easy, people can be abrasive scratchy types, dirty, and annoying like a stain on your favourite shirt. Yet she works her hardest every day with a  gentle softness and smile. He has been coming here for months but he is shy, nervous, and too awkward to ask her to coffee, she might say no so he just smiles.

“Good-bye Freshness” he says  as he is leaving.

Freshness you are so silly she thinks to herself, he doesn’t even know you exist other than that nice laundry lady! Oh but since he has been coming to your laundry mat he’s all she can think about. His gentle kind eyes, strong body and warm voice, she absolutely adores him. She doesn’t know he does his laundry there just to see her, he has an HE at home and he washes his clothes more than he needs to just to be near her. As he rides the bus home he can’t help think of her, he has to do something and soon, this is tearing his heart apart and lightening his wallet. How can I get her to know me and come to coffee or lunch with me? Two days later he walks into the laundry mat and there she is as always, like as though she is waiting for him. He tries to talk to her a few times but then stops and he leaves again.

She cries out to him, “Wait, Sir Wait!”

He turns around to see her running towards her, he smiles and as he is about to speak but she bends over and picks up his sock.

“Here, you dropped this.”

She hands him the sock and as he reaches out to grab the sock their fingers touch, neither of them move they just stand there staring into each other’s eyes for what feels like an eternity. A customer bumps him and he steps back, she asks his name.

“Soft Touch”

They smile at each other and he leaves. Both not sure what just happened, did anything happen? Did she feel what I felt or did I just look like an idiot in there? Did he feel that, she wonders daydreaming about him, his name is Soft, how perfect is that?

One special magical day  Soft comes to the laundry mat without his laundry he’s there for Freshness, he looks around but can’t find her then he looks back as she walks around the dryer #4. She smiles at him, he takes her by the hands.

“Freshness, will you come to coffee with me today?”


Then that awkward silence.

“Good, um how about noon at the café on the corner?”


Soft leaves and they both have huge smiles on their faces, brimming from ear to ear. They have many coffees together over the months and they get married in the local church. They are great together, you know like cookies and milk, kids and laughter, or socks and sandals, wait, no not like socks and sandals that’s gross.

And they live happily ever after.

By Tina


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