writing class- write about a candle

In this beginner writing class, we were to write about a burning candle, this is what I did, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Shimmering Light

Sitting in this darkened room only to see the glow more brightly. So gentle a light, and easily drowned out by the brighter electrical bulb. The bulb is a bully to the gentle glitter that is so proudly shining. Peaceful, yet can bite with a burn, scorching down all in its path. Only with one glimmer, twinkle, a tiny hue its beauty shines above the multi-coloured sands that lift it up high in the glass. The glass’s curved shape help accentuate the sway and hypnotizing effect of a lonely flame. So bright it shines standing there alone and proud. What courage, such brilliance and yet so vulnerable to even a soft blow or a gentle wind. Warmth and comfort this lonely flame brings, alas it is gone, lived its life to its fullest, shining so bright right to the end as it gently faded and vanished, never to be remembered. I will remember this lonely brave little flame who brought me warmth and shared its glorious brilliance with me.



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