Hell Month

I don’t have great news today, or even a great story of art class, or writing class that I absolutely enjoyed. Today is a sad story.

There is a single parent who has had a rough go at life the last 10 years. She has home schooled her child because her child was bullied ruthlessly at school. Actually, her own cousin played a role in this. This woman has tried so hard to find work that would sustain them. Bouncing from one job to another, trying to build friendships, only to realize that they were not friends to begin with. She worked at her jobs very hard and raised her child to be compassionate of others, regardless of the evils in the world. To be brave,and stand up for what is right and just.

This woman has been laid-off work four times out of 6 years and once again she is without work. This economy and this tiny city is killing her spirit and her courage. Her faith in people has all but vanished. Now with government cutbacks, she finds herself selling off everything she owns and moving into her car. She can’t seem to make enough money to maintain a home, basic bills, and food. The two are moving into their tiny Toyota size car the end of May.  Homeless, using whatever monies she can get to travel to another city, another province to find work and hopefully a place to live.

Yes as you can probably guess it, that woman is me.  I wanted to let you know I will not be writing for a while. I will have limited access to a computer. I am going to continue writing and drawing as those give me some fun things to do.  I also wanted you to think about those who are homeless. Not all of them are there by choice. Some are forced out onto the street because of government cutbacks, low employment insurance, and very low welfare monies are just not enough to support rent, let alone food and heat.  No added jobs being made in the country to help people get off the streets.

I am scared, I don’t know what will come next. I am educated, I am a hard worker, but now I face a challenge that is really scary. Please if you will, send a prayer out for us? Please send some positive vibes our way.

Thank you for your time here on this blog. It was fun.

May 2016



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