Without colour our world would be so bland, what about those who can not see colour? Once class was done I started to write about each colour I could imagine. How would you describe a colour to someone who has never seen it? Could you instill a feeling of that colour? Could you show them the emotions that the colour could spark? Trying to understand the world around me, I must being able to see the world through someone else’s perspective. I show you the colour orange.

Amber Orange

When it comes to colour intensity, brag I must. My radiance impacts your body and mind beyond your control. Increase your pulse, brain waves spark, and even your hormones want to sing my praises. Stimulate bone growth with my mere presence, what colour can do that I ask you? All your 5 senses awaken; I’ll even vibrate at 473 trillion times per second just for you.

Not even the sun could rise or set without my radiant glow. I am strong, bold, creative and emotional.  I give the candle its glimmering command, to encapsulate your gaze. I am known to set your mind ablaze, creating the artist, writer, and musician. I chase away the shadows of sadness and fill the room with joy, love, and adventure.  I am a gift to November born. I am orange, not just any orange, I am the omnipotent amber orange. The orange of the majestic tiger. When you make a turn in your car, I flash brightly signalling the way.


Can you feel the power that orange can have? Have you a strong attachment to any colour and why? I would love to hear from you.


Picture by:The Irish Times


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