As you know I have opened myself up for dating, and I had met someone who was wonderful. So fun to be with, looked at me with loving eyes and he cared a lot about me. But then overnight it changed and I was left playing catch up, wondering what happened. So, he pulled me apart, he picked at me looking for things that were ugly. Anyone looks ugly if you pick them apart enough. He no longer looked at me with love and admiration in his eyes.  I think he did all this in an attempt to make it so he can push me away without hurting himself, or maybe he didn’t even realize it. Either way, it hurt me deep. Deep into my soul. Even though this happened I still love my friend. But apart we did go. Here is what I see it all as.



Such a tower of strength you are

Yet so sweet and kind,

So beautiful inside and out.

How you listen to me with an open heart

You are playful and loving,

How close I feel to you

I want to be with you always.


I feel so close, such a pull to be with you

It scares me to feel so much for someone.

I care about you so much it hurts.

There must be something wrong with you?

There must be something you are hiding?


I see it now, you are flawed.

You are a whore,

You are fat and ugly, inside and out.

Look at you, so hideous

You are so gross, I gag on your ugliness

How could I have ever cared about you?


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