Climb over mounds of garbage, socks, shirts and jeans.

How high this mountain doth grow.

I thought I had a cat, where was it last seen?

This used and squished milk carton I must not throw.

Maybe I will need it someday?

I’ll put in on the piles, like waves in the sea.

Where is that cat today?

Ah yes, I found the TV,  what show will it be?

TV’s broken, I had better keep that, I may need it later.

I must get dinner ready

Where is the refrigerator?

No matter, take out is easier and always ready.

The boxes will add to my sea of precious valuable stuff.

No one visits me anymore, Oh well, they just don’t dare

This world is gone crazy and rough.

But I’m safe in here with the things that matter, I still care.




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