Oh The Mighty Grilled Cheese

As I was laying in bed this morning I looked around my tiny apartment and decided today is a lazy day. I don’t even want to get out of bed. I am sure we all have had those mornings, you just feel like jello. Just wiggly and stuck to the spot you are in. In a half hearted attempt to get motivated I try to think of positive things to make myself better, to help someone else today. Nope, that is not cutting it, still jello.

Food, that’s it I figured, food helps to motivate people. We all love ourselves a good tasty something or other special. What do I want? Cereal is not for me, left overs is not happening, I’m jello so why would I make eggs. Than I thought of something that is just as unhealthy and melty and buttery and ohhh I have to have it. If you guessed grilled cheese sandwich you are correct smarty pants!

Grilled cheese sandwich (if made right) is so tasty with that melty cheese and flows when you pull it apart. As I was laying in bed thinking if I had all the ingredients to make such a masterpiece, I wrote a poem about that wonderful heated sandwich. Then I made me two, that’s right, two grilled cheese sandwiches. Gave one to my daughter and one for me and was now ready to face the day with that kid like fun and curiosity. Oh how grand life can be.

Here is my poem to the great grilled cheese. Enjoy 🙂

Oh The Mighty Grilled Cheese

Gourmet or plain whatever the name, I'll light your flame.
Your crispy, buttery browned exterior calls me by name.
Breakfast, lunch or supper, I'll eat you just the same.

Anticipating your taste and smell, your cheese so stringy,
As I pull you apart I think you are so dreamy.
I like to dip you in ketchup or even something creamy.

Crumbs are all that is left on my plate.
Perhaps I'll make more for my date.
Or eat his because he's late.

Oh the mighty grilled cheese,
To eat one is a tease.
Mmmm, Lets have more shall we please?

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