Let’s Be Kids

Oh how things can get busy, the kids, work, school, people, relationships, functions, shopping, deadlines and what ever other commitment you made. It can pull you away from the people you actually like to be around. To have a little fun back in your life I feel I must make time for all my friends and family. Not just see them whenever I have time, but to actively make time for them.

I have a friend named Sean. We haven’t known each other for years but we have a connection, like as though we knew each other someplace, some time before meeting. Weird but some people you just connect to instantly, if you let yourself. I have grown to care about him and he has become one of my best friends. So, since life got busy I noticed I had not seen him for some time and I created a fun way to invite him out to play. To have a little bit of fun again, to reconnect and catch up on things. He is a creative soul and I knew if I did this he would appreciate the efforts. However he has let his life absorb him and I didn’t get to see him, but we did chat a little and that was good too, and he loved the poem. I share with you the poem I texted him. Enjoy!

Let's Be Kids

There is a man named Sean,
Who is as refreshing as the dawn.
He makes me laugh, makes me cry,
Contemplate and sigh.

The echo of silence slowly creeps,
As autumn calls the leaves to weep.
No smiles or sounds of laughter, 
No friendly winks to follow after.

The race he runs, trapped within,
Scurry sweet mouse, spin, spin, spin.
When you tire my friend,
Ready for the madness to end.

I'll greet you with a smile,
A kiss and hug for an extra mile.
Let the race and stresses fade away,
Spend time with a friend, for a day.

Fill the silence with laughter,
And a friendly wink after.
Bathe in our light and warm glow,
Let's be kids again, let silliness flow.

So before the leaves turn to white,
I would like you to know whats right.
When you need a friend to bug,
To be a kid and just unplug.

You'll look around and there she'll be,
A friend who is like a kid you see.
Laugh and play, oh the things she'll say, 
Leave the race, even for a day.

So come out to play sweet friend,
When your chores come to an end.
Be silly and laugh like a hyena,
And play with your friend Tina.

~By, Tina Curtis~

2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Kids

  1. It’s a good reminder. We all need to play more – and indulge in a grilled cheese with tomato soup too!


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