Love Built

How starved you must
When you talk to me like I’m three.
Go on with stories of beauties you’ve had and see.
How they shined and sparkled but never speak of their psyche.
We are all still just flesh I see,
Those with breasts and on bended knee.
Only talk about the easy things, like work and that movie.

I am suffocating, craving the debate and conversation,
While my mind screams for jubilation,
Hearing the words that discuss and possible opinion augmentation.
Matters of the world and discuss a great nation.
Opening minds and hearts, balancing the equation.
I need more than this regular documentation.
How I miss with you the stimulating conversation.

I feel the intrigue fade away,
Once curious about each other’s day.
Joining two cultures is not easy I can say.
You with one idea and mine in the other way.
It’s not impossible when both are open to say.
Let’s talk about it, and join in goals today.

Twice denied a simple kiss.
I will not play in games that send people into the abyss.
This tool is hurtful and self destructing, it’s arrow will never miss.
Games that people play to control, never shall I be a part of this.
Without desire to converse, people resort to passive aggressiveness.
Place the ego’s on a shelf, create passion not solitariness.

We walk side by side, nothing more.
Help each other free ourselves from the pains of before,
Nothing is impossible, if we open our closet door,
Clean it out, make room for love, affection and more.
Vulnerability is not weak, makes you stronger for evermore.
So no more talking to me like I’m three,
In this poem I think you’ll see.

I want to love you all our days.
Never want us to fade away.
If we are to stay,
Than love and friendship is the way.
I want to love you, so hear me say.
I don’t know how to fix us today.
I want you to see me a different way.

You know as well as I,
Love is never easy, do you know why?
If it were easy it would be wrong and would surely die.
On patience and understanding no one is the bad guy.
Good with the bad, never judged or deny.
True beauty, sparkle and shine grow as days go by.
We have all we need to succeed and try.

The two of us, you and I, together strong and wise.
Can build this house on a rock of the most grandest of size.
Let the world hear our warrior cries.
Let the waves hit and water rise,
For we build our house on this rock and will not capsize.
Open vulnerability and letting go our ego’s built stronger ties,
With conversing tools and respect, we see now through each others eyes.

~Tina C.~

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