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A few years ago I was injured at work. Unable to get financial help while I dealt with my spinal injury I flew through whatever saving we had. I fell into a horrible depression because I was in a wheelchair and my daughter had to wash me, help me put on my clothes and care for me.

During this time,the church members did no visiting,  the friends and family I had did nothing to help. No one brought over a dinner, no one came to visit and let us know they are a support. Accept for one brother. He popped by to say hi, and my sister in-law drove me twice. So that I am grateful for. Even though it was not much, I am glad that they did.  What we needed was a support network to jump in and help out.

I was able to walk again with the help of my amazing daughter and an occupational therapist. Wonderful to have these two by my side.

I was able to find work but is was seasonal, and I was laid off three years in a row.  The last one is what did us in. We gave away everything we owned, even gave away the piano I inherited from my father who passed a few years prior. It has been really hard. I am trying like mad to find work, but because of my injury no one wants to hire me.

I have not much money left, and we are about to be tossed back into the car. The place we live in right now is not great, it is a single small bedroom we share.

Please view the link, see the pictures, and please pass this call for help on to others. If enough people can give a little bit, it will add up to enough to give us the help we need to lift us out of this situation. The economic down turn has now hit Canada, I know people all over are struggling. But please, go read my story on Go Fund Me. Please pass that link to others, businesses, and anyone you know that may be able to help.

Thank you for anything you can do.







Caught between a rock and a hard place!

If we don’t make tough decisions today our children are going to have to make much, much tougher decisions tomorrow.

Paul Ryan


Caught between a rock and a hard place!

I just watched a CSI NY re-run and it reminded me of an episode that I watched of NCIS were this woman saved some youth that were in a car accident by doing emergency medical procedures,  she was later charged because she was practicing medicine without a license to practice medicine off military grounds.  I thought that if this is the case in our society it is like the witch trials, you are caught in a hard spot and with the by-stander law what is a person supposed to do? Let me lay it out for you, First you are fully trained as a surgical officer for war zones, you have experience patching up people and using lifesaving procedures so you are confident, and knowledgeable, you see people who need help but because you are not on a base in a war zone you are legally unable to assist. Yet the pedestrian law says if you see someone who needs help and if you have first aid you are legally supposed to stop and help, if no first aid call 911 otherwise you can be criminally charged. This is so ridiculous like the witch trials, drown and you are innocent, survive the drowning and you are guilty so now you get burned alive.  I agree with the bystander law 100% we need to watch out for each other, there are more and more human monsters out there and we need to team together to stop a crime in progress. However if you are trained, you are confidant and able to help save a life why would the government stop anyone from doing so? Criminal charges should be laid only if the person was being a butcher and not doing the procedures correctly such as taking the opportunity to do their own twisted experiments! I understand that people are afraid to “get involved” or even those who think “it’s not my business” but think about this. If YOU were dying wouldn’t you want someone who could save your life save you? What type of world are you making for your children, if that was your child wouldn’t you want someone to help them? I do not agree with people suing those who save them because they cracked a rib or caused bruising, YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED! YOU ARE ALIVE! Doesn’t the greater good outweigh the bad? Who cares about a bruises and a cracked rib from CPR that is something that happens when you are being saved. I don’t agree with the whole suing people anyhow, there should be more strict limits on what a person can be sued for and those who just want money should never be able to sue! But, that is a complete other rant topic.

So what do you think? If a person could save your life should they? Should there be the bystander law enforced because you never called 911 or ran to a phone to call 911 if you had no cell?