Online Dating


This year I opened myself up to all experiences. I am officially open to people, and receptive of the needs that I regularly deny myself. Finding people is hard. I don’t think it’s because I’m unattractive or a crazy lady.  I try the in person routes, but to no success.  It’s like they are too self involved in their day to realize they just got hit on. Or maybe I am a bit too forward. Hmm, would it be too forward you think if a woman walked up to you and said:

“Hey, your cute. Wanna date?”

Haha, of course that is NOT what I do, but that is what is said on the internet, (in a much more vanilla wording.)

Since regular routes are not working for friends or for finding a date I’ll give the online date world a try.  Well here is what has happened thus far.

I look around for some dating sites, I choose one and fill out my profile, feels like an hour has passed just talking about myself. Since I am not narcissistic this is an uncomfortable task.  I understand that I must let someone know a bit about me, but what do you say?

I am a crazy person by day and serial killer by night. Want to know more? Send me a message!

Or I could say something like;

I am a quiet and career focused  lady by day but I am called mistress DeWinter by night. Crack that whip!

No, this will not do at all. Fun to say, only not truthful. I fill it out as honestly as I can, then take a pic of myself and post all this information for the masses in the abyss to judge me. Dating feels like it has become an auction. (Do I hear One bid, one, one how about two! Sold!)

If you have been judged worthy you get a “hey” or a “meet me” pic.  How disappointing. “Hey” is the new pick up line.  A single word. Not even enough intellectual thought for a “how are you today?” Or worse yet the ever so popular;

“Hey, you are beautiful (or cute) wanna be my FWB?”

For those who don’t know what FWB is, its Friends with benefits. I am sure everyone knows this, but just in case I thought I would go ahead and say it.

What happened to the creative pick up lines that sound cheesy or even make you laugh. You know those lines are all crap, but it’s fun to have some man make the effort to try.

Man:”Was you father a thief?”

Woman: “no.”

Man: “Then who stole that stars from the skies and put them in your eyes?”

Ha ha, those horrible cheesy lines. What happened? That was fun, made me smile and broke the ice for conversation to open up.

Ah, those were the days. haha. As far as the “meet me” app I get 50 or more “meet me” daily. Do you honestly think that someone is looking at all of them? This is not what I am wanting at all. This feels so superficial and cheap. I don’t need my ego stroked, and I don’t want men to judge me on my looks. Sure physical attraction is a plus, however, there is so much more to a relationship than looks.

Anyhow, with a “hey” the game begins. (This is the most mind numbing form of dating I have ever experienced.)  I of course am trying to play the game, ya know, don’t hate the player type thing so get on board. I click through the many images of men who want to “chat with me”. Then I return with the same lack of courting skills (since it appears to be the norm) and “hey back”.

Trying to find the rose among weeds is a daunting task. I would guess that out of 10 chats, 6 are wanting sex tonight so give them your cell number and lets get busy!  And just for good measure they send you a picture of their penis, fully erect and ready for your to hop on! Then there is about 3 who want to talk about sex and hope that you are eventually going to give in. Then there is one. You think may be a possible meet. Grate!  Your conversations were open and creative and you are actually looking forward to meeting this man. Now you arrange a meet. Prepare yourself, after meeting and the awkwardness of the initial hello is over guess what he wants to talk about or do? Just take a wild, crazy guess? If you guessed sex you are correct! Out of 10 messages you narrowed things down to, put in your time and effort for at least a couple weeks and you end up with… zero prospects. So anti-climatic!

Do you think this makes me bitter? No, not at all. Only frustrated. I absolutely love men. I love how they smell, how they look, how they laugh and how they love, talk and treat a woman. Men are one of the best creatures on this planet. Only if they are raised right of course. You know, don’t teach your sons that woman are just dip stick holders.

Where are the men among men who take the time to write a proper hello, take the proper time to read through the profile. Who knows, maybe he will realize she is crazy and you don’t want her, or maybe he may feel like she is someone who you want to work your ass off to win over.

Online dating…I am not sure how this is going to work out but I am still trying to find even a friend. I’m a good person online so, reason says that maybe there is another good person online.

Wish me luck!