Forever Love

Forever pursue me, like the devil lust for souls,

Forever chase me, like the sun does the moon,

Forever follow me, like ducklings in the pond.

Forever protect me, like a mamma bears cub .

Forever walk beside me, like rows in a garden.

Forever love me with passion, like an artist painting a master piece.

Forever laugh with me, like kids in a park.







Lonely Nights

Adult/sexual content warning!!!! Today I am wanting to try to write something a little more exciting. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

I lie here alone, this bed feels so much bigger without you under it’s sheets. I still smell you cologne, intoxicating, it fills the bedroom reminding me of your your body against mine. I still feel your heart beating, your muscles tensing and hear you deep breathing in my ear.

I close my eyes, I try to fall asleep. I see your eyes and feel you touching my body. I feel you squeeze my breasts, nibble and suck on my nipples. I feel you lick my neck, and slowly kiss me all-the-way-down. Your tongue sends shivers all over my body.

I touch myself to make it real. I squeeze my breast like you do. I put my hand between my legs like you do. My breath deepens, heart begins to rush. My fingers caress my clitoris like you do. I breath faster, a little moan, muscles tense. I move my hips as I push my fingers inside, I curl my finger like you do, in search of the point that makes me moan louder. I imagine your hard penis thrusting deep inside me, bringing me to orgasm.

When it’s all over I am still alone. I can hardly bare sleeping under these sheets without you.




The night makes me feel a little frisky,

The music makes me think a little naughty,

The smoke in the drink’s got me a little hazy,

I’m wanna cause something a little crazy.


Swaying to the music, with my little sexy dance,

She don’t like it, but I can tell by your glance,

Your thinking we should make a little romance,

Come over here and take  a chance.










The Monster You Made

When I awoke this morning, I had hoped to shed you.

I hoped the pain you stabbed me with, no longer bled.

Showered off your smell, and watched your touch go down the drain.

Your twisted truth of love  turned into nothing more than a burdensome trinket.

But here I stand strong, I’ve not turned to ash and blew away in the wind.

I’ll rise from this wreckage, stronger still, with higher walls.

I wear upon my chest the heavy medallion you gave me.

My heart blackened, for believing your lies.

My love turned to vengeance, jaded and cold.

My kiss, laced with venom.

My touch, lined with poison.

My stare enchants and encapsulates all who gaze, unable to resist me.

I smile as I drink thier life force, watching it slowly drain from their eyes.

Look what you created, in all your arrogance.

You made this, you pulled out all my innocence, and filled it’s hole with the venomous beast before you.

Is this what you had in mind? Have I made you proud? Am I beautiful to you now?

Come and gaze into my eyes, let me touch your flesh, let my beautiful lips kiss you.

Come closer, feel my breath, listen to my gentle whisper,  breath in my sweet potion.

Enter my chambers my love, let me look into your eyes…


By Tina Curtis







Remember When.

Remembering a life long passed,

Played with dolls, ran through the tall grass, chased squirrels, climbed trees, and scraped my knees.

A first kiss so new and exciting.

Feels like an eternity has passed.

What a gift it would be to turn back time, to feel all those new and firsts. Remembering how easy life was, simple and free.

Love felt so good, it was easy, laughing, exploring, swimming and having fun.

How did all that turn into fear? Hate? Self doubt and regret?

Spending all the year in the sun, and making up a little song, walk around without a destination, smell the gravel road, laugh at nothing and everything and chase a dragonfly.

But now I lost another love, gained another broken heart, and cry myself to sleep.

Reality bites me with overdue bills, piles of chores, work, kids, bad breakups, burying memories and dreams of what I wanted to be.

Remember when we used to know everything, now I know nothing.



Puppet Master.

Dance for the master, pretty little marionette, dance,

Puppet Master pulls the heart-strings of a pretty little marionette,

Pull me this way and that, to watch my pretty little dance,

Don’t I make a pretty little dancer, puppet master?

Am I pleasing to your eyes?

Dance pretty little marionette, dance.

I curtsy while you flirt,

I blush with your kisses,

I smile as you lick my neck.

I believe all your words of love.

I let you melt my heart with just your gentle smile,

All while your masterful hands control me, tug me this way and that.

Dance pretty little marionette, dance.

Kiss my beautiful lips, let my smell fill your lust, puppet master play with me.

I do as you command, I am after all, a pretty little dancer on your strings.

Don’t let my tears of a broken heart stop you, don’t leave me.

Play with me puppet master, play.

I can’t stop you from tugging me all over the floor,

I try to smile, and let you do it some more.

Dance pretty little marionette, dance.

Where did you go puppet master?

I sit here with a smile, waiting on the shelf for your return.

Play your games with me puppet master, play.

Did you find other strings to pull?

I miss you puppet master.

I long to feel your touch again, your sweet kisses as I sit here, alone.

I promise to not cry,

I will let you pull my heart-strings and drag me all over the floor.

I will dance my pretty little dance for you as long as you please.

Puppet master, will you play with me some more?


by: Tina Curtis


So this is Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. I wanted to write a little fun thing for the night. Enjoy.


So, this is Halloween.

Ghost, goblins, witches, and ghouls.

This day takes us all for fools.

How scary could a three-foot princess be?

Or even that little vampire roaming the sidewalk,

Who is he kidding? He’s all talk.

Turn out the lights and get some z’s, if anyone were to ask me,


One knock on the door, two then three.

Why will you not just leave me be?

I’ll just keep hiding in my comfy bed.

Ten, eleven then twelve more,

Good thing I locked the door.

All this racket will wake the dead.


Creak, I hear a sound,

Is that coming from inside? I look all around.

My mind starts racing, my heart begins to pound.

That shadow in the corner starts to grow, its just the tree branch, right?

This night has given me quite a fright.

Creak, I really hate that sound.


I know it is all in my head, but creaks and shadows are spooky.

I shouldn’t have watched that movie.

I can’t stop watching that shadow.

I want to pull the blanket over my head,

Creak, oh, please don’t be the walking dead.

Now it looks like a hand, as the wind blows the branch to-and-fro


No, it looks like a claw.

I jumped when I heard the crow outside caw.

My hands have grasped the blanket up around my neck real tight,

Creak, tap-tap, caw, knock-knock, I can’t take much more.

I yell, stop knocking at my door.

This is the longest, scariest night.


Creak, I must be brave,

I can’t live the whole night in my blanket cave.

Slip on my fearless fluffy bunny slippers,

Slowly tip toe around the corner, heart pounding in my ears,

I am woman, I am strong, I can do this, there is nothing to fear.

I step into the living room holding my clippers.


Creak, there’s that sound again, I can’t take it,

I run back under my blanket.

Pulled the covers over my head.

Knocking, tapping, creaking continues on.

The night will never end, it’s like a freakathon.

I pray I won’t wake up dead.


Morning comes and all is well,

Despite the night from hell.

Perhaps I should rethink this ghoulish night.

Handing out candy to little princess’s going to a ball,

Sounds like fun after all.

I will not watch anymore movies that give me fright.

Fun Story

I posted a fun little story on my LinkedIn account and wanted to share it here. It’s just a little writing exercise that is fun, for me. I hope fun for you too. Can you guess who the “Bob” character is before the end? I have heard a few different ideas, some got it right, but I love to hear what impression people thought “Bob” was.

Eviction Notice

Mary is fed up with Bob, she knows something must be done. Bob’s constantly knocking over her pictures, erases the answer machine messages before she can listen to them. Bob turns the T.V. on or off whenever he feels like it. He’s always playing practical jokes and hiding things around the house. Marry searches for her slippers, finding one on top the refrigerator and the other under the couch.

“Bob has got to go.” she exclaims.

Mary calls her neighbour Dianna; she has a way with special people. Dianna can’t get Bob to leave. Mary thought if she makes the house smell bad he would leave. So, Mary burns all kinds of incense, candles and grasses and still he will not leave. She doesn’t want to call those guys in the lab coats, but she has no choice. It must be done.

Doorbell rings, Mary opens the door. There stood three very tall, muscular men. One man had more tattoos than she has ever seen. Mary felt a knot in her stomach, am I doing the right thing? She thought.

“Hello, you called us to help with Bob? My name is Jake.” The man said.

“Thank you for coming, I have to admit I am a little nervous. I have never done this before, he’ll be OK, right?” Mary said.

“No worries ma’am, we will take care of everything. You can even go out for coffee, this shouldn’t take long.” Said Jake.

Mary left for coffee and was back in 45 minutes. Not knowing what she will find when she comes home. She slowly enters the apartment, it’s quiet, no one’s there. She waits and listened for Bob. Nothing. She puts her T.V. on, it stays on, so she turns it off. She put her slippers beside her bed and propped up her pictures on the mantle. The next morning, the slippers are still there, the pictures are still safely on the mantle, and the T.V. is still off. Mary takes a deep slow breath and sinks into the couch as she thinks to herself, finally, Bob the ghost is gone.


Did you guess who Bob was? Did you think he was a mischievous cat? Or maybe a really bad roommate?





Writing assignment

Well folks! For the last month I have attended way too many writing classes, one for beginners, one for essentials in writing and one for how to write to make some cash, plus I am taking 8 other courses. WAY too many at one time, talk about nuts around here, and my computer crashes two days ago and took me two days to get it up and going again! That is not what you are here for so let’s get on with the writing assignment, I am to write a creative piece with all the lessons I am learning in beginners writing class, I absolutely love me teacher Ann Linquist. Here I will let you in on the very first intro to the story that I am writing for this assignment. I have about two short stories done on this one so far, and I think I am going to take into the series direction, so I may post them on kindle or something like that.


 ? No title ?

             You know those stories with a happy ending and everything works out in the end? Ya, this isn’t one of those! This is like a bad black and white movie, you know the ones where the beautiful vivacious woman uses the clever and charming private investigator, he knows what she is doing but he loves the excitement. My story begins with a beautiful receptionist, or so she thinks she’s a receptionist, typing at her desk late at night. I don’t know what she could be typing, maybe her resume, we haven’t had work in months.

“Will that be all Dicky? I need to pick up bobby from the sitters soon.” My receptionist Wanda asks.

“Sure you can go, I’m gonna hang out here for a while and finish my last Cuban. Lock up on your way out will ya?”

“Sure thing Dicky, hey you have a good night sweetie? Tomorrow will be better, I just know you will get something tomorrow. OK then, good night.”

I hear her keys jingle as she locks the door and her heels tapping on the hardwood as she fades into the distance, again you are alone, and all you hear is the echoes from the street. My office is small but it’s comfortable, and cheap. To be honest I have slept on my office couch for the last two months. I like to sit in my office and smoke my cigar, and I like the low light of my desk lamp as it casts shadows around the room to entertain my imagination on these lonely nights. Just then a sound catches my full attention, a slow creek, possibly 210 Lbs, flat leather shoes, a hole in the left bottom soul. But how did he get in? I heard Wanda lock the front door, I reach under my desk and grasp my two faithful and ever reliable friends Smith and Wesson.

Closer… and closer he approaches, now at the door he stops. He seems to linger there a few seconds, contemplating. An envelope slid under the door and then he scurries away. I get up to examine the envelope, I don’t bother opening the door he’s already gone. 10 years as a P.I. has taught me to not kill the messenger. I glance at the contents and pull out the folded paper, just then something falls onto the floor. I reach down and pick up a gold necklace with a water droplet shape pendant and a blue gem in the centre. After examining the necklace I return to my desk to read the contents. The letter read: Hard Water Pier, tonight at 10:30


Well I hope my writing is getting better and hope you enjoyed the teaser of this new story. Have a great day.




The Laundry Mat Love

 By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.



The sun shines through the window onto her smooth soft brown hair, her skin glistens and her eye sparkle, she’s beautiful and natural she’s perfect. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and she doesn’t smell like a perfume factory, she is simple, subtle, and amazing!  She smiles at him softly and his heart skips a beat, she doesn’t know how beautiful she is and that makes him want to know her more.  Running a laundry mat is not easy, people can be abrasive scratchy types, dirty, and annoying like a stain on your favourite shirt. Yet she works her hardest every day with a  gentle softness and smile. He has been coming here for months but he is shy, nervous, and too awkward to ask her to coffee, she might say no so he just smiles.

“Good-bye Freshness” he says  as he is leaving.

Freshness you are so silly she thinks to herself, he doesn’t even know you exist other than that nice laundry lady! Oh but since he has been coming to your laundry mat he’s all she can think about. His gentle kind eyes, strong body and warm voice, she absolutely adores him. She doesn’t know he does his laundry there just to see her, he has an HE at home and he washes his clothes more than he needs to just to be near her. As he rides the bus home he can’t help think of her, he has to do something and soon, this is tearing his heart apart and lightening his wallet. How can I get her to know me and come to coffee or lunch with me? Two days later he walks into the laundry mat and there she is as always, like as though she is waiting for him. He tries to talk to her a few times but then stops and he leaves again.

She cries out to him, “Wait, Sir Wait!”

He turns around to see her running towards her, he smiles and as he is about to speak but she bends over and picks up his sock.

“Here, you dropped this.”

She hands him the sock and as he reaches out to grab the sock their fingers touch, neither of them move they just stand there staring into each other’s eyes for what feels like an eternity. A customer bumps him and he steps back, she asks his name.

“Soft Touch”

They smile at each other and he leaves. Both not sure what just happened, did anything happen? Did she feel what I felt or did I just look like an idiot in there? Did he feel that, she wonders daydreaming about him, his name is Soft, how perfect is that?

One special magical day  Soft comes to the laundry mat without his laundry he’s there for Freshness, he looks around but can’t find her then he looks back as she walks around the dryer #4. She smiles at him, he takes her by the hands.

“Freshness, will you come to coffee with me today?”


Then that awkward silence.

“Good, um how about noon at the café on the corner?”


Soft leaves and they both have huge smiles on their faces, brimming from ear to ear. They have many coffees together over the months and they get married in the local church. They are great together, you know like cookies and milk, kids and laughter, or socks and sandals, wait, no not like socks and sandals that’s gross.

And they live happily ever after.

By Tina