Have You Ever?

Hello friends, I hope this day finds you well. Today I’ve had another moment where I did something, tucked it away and then I see it produced by someone else.Someone else has made money off of the same thing that I did a year or more earlier.

If you didn’t know yet, I love to sing, not just while in the shower. Not just any singing either, I will belt it out like a blow horn if I am in the mood, and I am often in the mood.

My daughter hears a song on the radio and asks me “who is the original artist?” I tell her that the original artist is singing it right now. She will tell me it’s a female voice. I will sing a few lines and she just smiles and says, “oh, it’s you I was remembering”. heehee As I age I noticed I have developed a bit of stage freight, I did karaoke a bit ago and was nervous.

I also love to write, I like to create fun short stories and poems, I have even written a sermon just for the heck of it. I used to write down my musical creations and stopped because I thought I was being watched. Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Like things you did or said become a popular phrase, or a song comes out and you made it up a year before?

This happens to me, not just with music but also with poetry, stories, and a phrase I used. I started to think I was going crazy. I mean really, who the heck wants to follow me around? I’m nobody special so what the heck?

I have since decided to believe that creativity is like a whisper or image floating in the wind. I sometimes get a thought of a story, I’ll write it all out in my mind, but just as fast as it goes in my mind it’s gone. Poof! I don’t even remember what the heck it was about. I lose it before the pen and paper is found. So to me, a creative image that I could paint or a song to write, or a poem or whatever creativity that you do, if you don’t catch it and hold onto it then it moves onto another person. As in creativity waits for no man or woman, it has a desire to be told, sung, painted or expressed and it is not going to wait around for you to “get around to it”. Just as fast as it comes its off looking for someone else who is on able to grab it.

I am learning and trying to train myself to always have a pen and paper on me, and to hold that idea until I can write it down and share it. I think the “universe” has things to say and creative individuals are the way it speaks some times.

Or, I really am going a little bonkers.

Has this happened to you? Do you get the inspiration but it’s gone before you can get the pen and paper to write it down, or draw it?



Naked on the shower floor

This is becoming a TV series, I should film this stuff. If you missed day one’s adventure please click here to read about my waking up with icicles adventure. Today is day two of the horrid storm, Jack is still throwing shards of ice at me. Is there a large dark storm cloud following me around? With the wind and ice shards on the attack I need a plan, I need to go where I can get warm, alas, I must abandon my vessel.

I tried to warm up sitting in the library typing out my recent events yet it does not end. Get this, the outside temperature is 1 Degree Celsius; what does this wise librarian do? Crank up the AC inside the library! I’m not an abominable snow man, I am woman, hear me roar. I assumed they were wise as they are surrounded by all these books, one would think they are all wise, after all wise people read a lot. I assumed wrong, everyone in here is dressed like they live in an igloo since the library has turned into one. I could only stand a few hours of this and decided to change locations. I ask myself, what is a great place to get a workout and get warm at the same time? Recreation centre of course. Sometimes I am impressed with myself, what great advice.

Oh this is going to be so great, I get my old lady swim suit concoction on. I am styling fashionable trunks made of blue beach style boy swim trunks, and for the swim top I have a fantastic pink with multi-coloured floral tankini swim top that covers my chubby tummy. Not matching, not even fitting right, it is at least one size to large. How do I know its too large you may ask? Because when I jump into the pool the top falls off over my head, and I flash all the fishies. When I get out of the pool the bottoms slide right off. I have the string on the shorts tied as far it will go to not startle or give nightmares to small children.

I strut out in my flashy attire and head for the hot tub. Since I decided I am growing out my leg and arm pit hairs I am sure some of the strange looks I am getting is in response to my impending furriness.  No matter, onward.

Oooo, I slide down into the hot tub, at first it feels like tiny little needles all over my body as it melts off the ice shards that are impeded into my flesh. I just took myself from 1 degree to 40 degrees Celsius, that’s a bit of a leap. It’s too hot at this point, I am not warmed up enough yet to handle this. I decide to try the steam room. In the steam room I’m able to control the temperature by adjusting the amount of steam, so I should be good here I suspect. Good, I am alone the controls are mine. I leave the steam off, its  a comfortable warm room. It is working, I am warming up a little. In walks the furriest man I have ever seen. He must be warm these days with all that fluffy fur he has, the ice and cold wind can’t get him. I am in envy, perhaps I could cut some fur off him and glue some on myself? No, that’s just gross. I am not liking him much right now, he has cranked the steam up to its max, in a couple seconds I am feeling needles and now suffocating. How do people breath in these things?

I swam my laps and headed for the showers. The shower room was so nice and warm that I suddenly felt very tired. My daughter took her shower and I decided to lay-down on the floor and rest for a minute. I fell asleep. It was so nice to feel warm, I’m naked on the shower floor on a towel, asleep. Absolutely bizarre, I just wanted to rest since the night was so sleepless, yet I did not expect to actually fall asleep. My daughter woke me after she finished her shower, then we headed home to the camper of ice and darkness. Wind is still trying to capsize my vessel and the cold is still trying to preserve me in ice, but I have a propane stove. I wonder how much propane is left?


Woke up with icicles

Winter came in like a raging lion. It was so windy that icicles were forming faster than you can say icicles. In fear of my solar panel flying away I braved the spears and tucked the panel safely under the camper behind the tires. Yet I still had the thirty feet to brave to safety. I flipped up my hat and ran as fast as my chubby little legs would take me. oh I wish I put boots on, slippers are not a wise choice at this point.

“I’ll only be a few seconds,” famous last words as I am now frozen to the ground, its freezing at a nice and easy pace of .6 seconds. My car can reach 100km/h in a cool 2.5 minutes, yet the wind can stick me to the ground faster than I can blink. This is ridiculous, I am now in my stocking feet pulling my slippers off the ground and putting them back on my feet while being pelted by shards of ice that jack frost decided would be fun to throw at me.

What brave adventure would it be if there wasn’t at least one wipe out, oh no, I’ll make it two wipe outs and a bruised tailbone just for extra dramatic affect. I make it up those puny camper steps and threw the hobbit size door to safety. Once inside I discuss at length who’s great idea was it to make such small steps and narrow door, do they not know that people are entering these things?

We fire up the propane stove since we have no electricity, it took an hour to warm up the inside of the camper to 10 degree Celsius. OK, we are warm now. Time for bed, I can’t sleep since our camper is being pelted with spears and the wind is trying very hard to capsize our vessel.

I  managed to get a few hours of sleep under a pile of 10 blankets. I open my frosted eyes and exhale to see a cloud of breath. My daughter and I have breath races, who can make their breath go further. I don’t know who won, a tie I suppose. Time to get dressed and ready for the day. Like taking off a band aid we rip of the pile of blankets and race to get to the compost toilet. After I peeled my frozen but cheeks off the toilet seat I decided that it may be time to get dressed.

OOOOOHHH, I cried as I am now naked and my body is trying grow fur as fast as it can to get warm. I decided I am not shaving this winter, I will grow out what hair I can and help keep my pits and legs warm at least. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

So, this is what its like to winter camp in your camper. Well, the beginning of winter at least. I was told it was a three season camper, he lied!