A typical cool morning I ventured out to see Jack Frost wink
at me and take his opening bow, as crisp winter winds start to blow.

As I scraped ice from my windshield I heard a shout,
high above me I saw an inspirational sight.

At first glance it's nothing new we see it all the days
however, today it demanded of me a different view.

A fight each determined to succeed, the wind blew with force
and the tiny bird held tight the reigns as he rode the storm.

His wings give and take with each gust, wobbling through the air, as
if to loose balance weakened from the fierce winds power show.

I watched this struggle for a while forgetting about
my time as darkness turned to light.

At times he worked hard to stay his path, thrusting his wings faster, I
thought he may be through.

The gusts are stronger and carried him away pushing him backwards
across the sky, yet this small bird did perform.

I thought to myself just land little friend and be safe, Yet he did not
waver not for a minute as if there was a lesson he wanted show.

Determined to arrive at his destination I started to think, how brave
this little bird is against a bigger bully he still would fight.

He found his current and rode it victorious resting upon a branch,
I thought how easy he could have given up and never got threw.

How many times have I given up on things that challenged me? How
many times have I made quitting the norm?

With life being the great bully and us the bird, have we given up
to easily to fight for each other and let our love grow.

Grateful to have witnessed such a sight, to opened my eyes
to learn what I see is truth and must be right.

To not quit so easily the challenges that arise to live with passion, courage
and see the destination, to never quit, to be like you.

~Tina Curtis~