Tiny Home

The pic is not of my camper, it is a stock photo, but that looks like a nice place to set up.

Some people call it Boondocking, some call it dry camping. I prefer not to use the dry camping term as it just sounds dirty. Some call it tiny living, whatever you call it, it’s simply living out of our camper without any hook ups.

Without hook ups you ask? Yes that is correct, no running water, no electric hook up, and no flushing toilet. So, no black water dumping needed, no grey water dumping needed and no electric bill since we are not plugged in. It isn’t without expense, but it is not paying rent of $800 and up plus utilities, plus personal bills such as phone, cable, internet, etc, plus food, plus entertainment, and so on.

Why did we do this? Besides the above paragraph, we also were sleeping in our car, yuppers, we were homeless. Winter is not so warm in a car, if you have ever been stranded on the side of the road in dead of -35 Celsius, and car will not start so you have no heat, it is damn cold! There is no way of fitting a compost toilet in my tiny car, and with my back injury, sleeping sitting up was making the pain worse. So, as we worked and saved money we bought a camper.

Below links are our journey.


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