Here is a list of all my written thoughts and projects. Not in alphabetical order. I have separated them so I hope it is easier for you to find those ones you love. Of course you can also plop the name/tittle in the search bar on the main page.



Forever Love

Lonely Nights


I Look Up To A Third Grade Drop Out

Rule Your Hell

Oh Gravity

Sway To The Beat

The Monster You Made

You Swerved

Remember When.

Puppet Master.

So this is Halloween

Naked on the shower floor

Woke up with icicles

Fear of Success

Naked on the shower floor

Why Write?


Fun Story

Can’t I Just Get A Pet Instead?

(New) Cinderella Movie  

Dialogue With Self

Eviction Notice

Laundry Mat Love

Mothers Day

Organic or Non-Organic?

Planting A Seed In The Garden Of Life

Shimmering Light

Today is My Best Day

Write Your Own Eulogy