Welcome to my small little corner office 🙂

I am a life long learner and I am always trying to better myself and help better those lives around me as well. I value every moment that I spend with people no matter how brief that may be. Each person I have met I have always learned something, even if it was a painful lesson. I try to live my life with an open mind, a kind and caring heart, no judgment, and a respectful listening ear. My hope is that this blog can bring thought provoking inspiration, entertainment, and maybe to share in feelings that will help better your day and inspire you. As I take this adventure through life, I wish to share with you those lessons and blessings.

I love to write and tell stories about many topics. Creative stories, true stories, and whatever else pops into my head.

Like most people I think, I am just trying to figure out life, meaning, purpose and find real substantial love however that reveals itself. I put faith in the law of attraction and am learning how to balance and use it to create greater purpose.

I love hearing from you so do comment.

Thank you for stopping by.