Welcome to my small part of the world🙂

I love to write and tell stories about many topics. Creative stories, true stories, and whatever else pops into my head. I’m also a multi-passionate person, meaning I have many different interests on the go at once. I am always trying new things. Things like, wilderness survival, snowboarding, any and all winter sports, any and all summer sports and games. Gardening, parenting, health, nutrition, cooking, auto-mechanics, carpentry, and the list go on.

So I decided to start this Blog. This is where I jot down some of those stories, projects I’ve done and whatever else as I find time. I also started a couple other Blogs, one for selling the soaps I make and one for my cooking. I am considering just putting them all in one site… Until then, I hope you have a great visit.

I would love to hear your thoughts so do comment. Having said that, I am game for a decent debate however, I will not respond to vulgar, rude, insults, or any derogatory, racial, or any other negative harmful speech. This place is for fun, creativity, understanding, encouragement, spread some laughter and maybe even some inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by.